Can I wholesale the product?

WE willing wholesale, We are very happy to distribute products. Send to [email protected] get wholesale price-list.

How do I order from Toyschoose Toys?

To order, simply register your account by completing the short form: New Customer
Then add the items that you require into your basket and procced to the checkout and complete the payment process with your credit or debit card.

  • We are an online distributor and that all orders need to be placed online
  • Our stock levels are live on our site. Items that are out of stock will be clearly marked.
  • It will not be possible to order items that are out of stock or to order more than we have available.

Do you deliver to my country?

We currently deliver to most countries within the EU/USA/PRC.

Can you provide a Document of Conformity/Authorisation letter for products?

Document of Conformity:
This can be provided from the manufacturer for a product that you have purchased from us, but will strictly only be provided to customers with a minimum account spend of 1000USD.
Please note that the Documents of Conformity provided will meet legal requirements.
It can take upto 3 weeks to receive the Document of Conformity if we do not hold them on file. It the event that you require the Document of Conformity before your order is shipped, please let us know as soon as you have placed your order by emailing [email protected] and ask us to hold your order until we have received them.
In most instances, Documents of Conformity can only be provided in English/Chinese.

Authorisation Letter:
We are unable to provide authorisation letters from manufacturers. However, we can provide a letter from us stating that we have supplied the product for resale and that you have authorisation from us to re-sell the product. The letter will strictly only be provided to customers with a minimum account spend of 1000USD.
Authorisation letters will only be provided in Chinese/English.

Do you provide assistance with Amazon and third party Ungating?

Normally We provide services to help sellers with third-party approval such as Amazon/eBay ungating Requires Minimum of $1000 in product total,But there is no guarantee that it will succeed.

Do you ship to Amazon Fulfilment Centres If I want to wholesale your toys?

We can arrange for your order to be delivered directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre.
Simply place your order as normal online, adding instructions at the checkout in the Special Instructions For Toyschoose. Please add “Amazon sending labels”. This will stop our warehouse dispatching your order without the labels and will also let them know to hold your order until you have sent the labels.
Please note that orders without the instructions will be dispatched automatically without labels being attached. And that we only attach labels to the outer cartons. We do not provide the service to attach labels to individual products.
Please ensure that the “Amazon sending labels” instruction is added to each individual order that you require delivered to an Amazon fulfilment centre.

Once you have placed your order, please email your labels to [email protected]. We will arrange for the labels to be attached to your order. If your order contains multiple products that require specific labels on their cartons, please make sure this is clear in the email and labels you send.

We are currently unable to provide the weights and dimensions of the items ordered. We understand that some businesses are only able to work with us if we can provide them weights and dimensions, sadly we are currently unable to assist with this request.
We have found that despite Amazon not signing for individual deliveries, in the event of a claim where they claim items may not have been received, they request a POD that specifically shows the individual items being delivered. If we dispatch goods to an Amazon fulfilment centre, and we have confirmed delivery from the courier, we will be unable to process claims for shortages/losses or damages and though we will do our best, we may not be able to assist with their specific requests.
Notice: We do not provide any services to help sellers with third-party approval such as Amazon/eBay. So if you need to approval any brand, we can’t UNGATING, But we can supply VAT invoice, If you need it, Please contact: [email protected].

Can I get tracking details for my order?

PRC customers: Once your order has been dispatched, a Track Your Order link will appear on the My Orders page.

International Customers: We can obtain tracking information from our shippers, however depending on the destination country and time delays this can take a couple of days for the responses to be returned. Once your order has been dispatched, please allow 48 hours before contacting us for tracking information.

If you need our help, you can do as following
to contact our Sale Department:

Unite Kingdom(Warehouse): 61A West Hamlane London United Kingdom E15 4PH)

Unite State(Warehouse): 3580 Oceanside Road, Oceanside, New York, 11572(US)

Email: [email protected]