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Barbie Malibu House Playset FXG57


GHR66 Barbie Dreamtopia Surprise Mermaid Doll Blind Pack


Barbie Gymnastics Doll and Playset GJM72


Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid GFL82


Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Magic Mermaid Doll GTF89


Princess Adventure Chelsea Doll and Playset GML73


Barbie Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Doll Karate Skateboarder Softball Climber GJL73


Barbie Spa Doll 9 Accessories GJG55


Barbie Made to Move Doll with 22 Flexible Joints & Long Blonde Ponytail GXF04 GXF05 GXF07


Barbie Newborn Pups Doll Pets FDD43


Barbie GWC55 Colour Reveal-Shimmer


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Doll Accessories GHK37


GJK17 Barbie Dreamtopia Gift Set


Barbie Travel Chelsea Doll FWV20


Barbie Blonde Hair Blue Eyes GRB32


Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Doll with 6 Surprises (GWC59)


Barbie Color Reveal Pet Set in Easter Egg Case with 5 Surprises GVK58