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GHT44 Barbie Dragon Empress Doll


Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Advent Calendar GJB72


GJK17 Barbie Dreamtopia Gift Set


Barbie Newborn Pups Doll Pets FDD43


Barbie Gymnastics Doll and Playset GJM72


Barbie Club Chelsea Treehouse FPF83


MATTEL FRH73 Barbie Ultimate Kitchen


Barbie Club Chelsea Mini Golf Doll and Playset FRL85


Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Nursery Playset FXT25


Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Unicorn FPL82


Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll (Blonde, 13-inch) in Gown GTJ85


Barbie Inspiring Women Series Frida Kahlo Doll FJH62


GHT41 Barbie Ballet Wishes Doll


GTP43 Barbie Color Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises


GJJ85 Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Mermaid Doll


GHV69 Barbie Club Chelsea Dress-Up Doll in Cat Costume


Barbie Made to Move Doll with 22 Flexible Joints & Long Blonde Ponytail GXF04 GXF05 GXF07


Barbie GWC55 Colour Reveal-Shimmer


Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Doll with 6 Surprises GTP53


Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid Doll with 7 Surprises (Styles May Vary) GTP41/GTP42/GTP43


Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll FXD88


Barbie Advent Calendar GFF61


Barbie Sweet Match Dress Up GFB83


Barbie Doll and Prance & Shimmer Horse GML79


Barbie Dreamtopia Pink Hair Doll FXR94


Barbie Club Chelsea Camper FXG90


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures GHK23


Barbie DreamHouse FHY73


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Doll Accessories GHK37


Princess Adventure Chelsea Doll and Playset GML73


GHT42 Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll


GHV80 Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and School Playset


Barbie Club Chelsea In Dinosaurs Theme DWJ33 / FXG82


GJK49 Barbie Dreamtopia Tea Party Playset


Barbie Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Doll Karate Skateboarder Softball Climber GJL73


Barbie Color Reveal Pet Set in Easter Egg Case with 5 Surprises GVK58