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Barbie DreamHouse FHY73


Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and Horse and Accessories GHV78


Barbie Spa Doll 9 Accessories GJG55


Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Nursery Playset FXT25


Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Long Blonde Hair GHW50


Barbie Club Chelsea Camper FXG90


Barbie Dreamtopia Pink Hair Doll FXR94


Barbie Travel Chelsea Doll FWV20


Barbie Doll and Supermarket Playset FRP01


Barbie Ultimate Curls Doll and Playset GBK24


Barbie Signature 2020 Holiday Collector Doll GHT54


Barbie Gymnastics Doll and Playset GJM72


Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Doll GJK13


Barbie DreamCamper Vehicle with Pool Accessories GHL93


FWV25 Barbie Travel Doll


Barbie Reveal Foodie Themed Doll with 7 Surprises GTP41


Holiday Barbie Doll FXF01


Barbie Reveal Chelsea Doll with 6 Surprises GPD41


FKT27 Barbie Fashions 2er-Pack


Barbie Happy Birthday Doll & Accessory GDJ36


Barbie Doll and Playset GHL91


Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid GFL82


Barbie Doll and Prance & Shimmer Horse GML79


Barbie Tiki Hut FWV24


Barbie Sweet Match Dress Up GFB83


Barbie Advent Calendar GFF61


Barbie Inspiring Women Series Frida Kahlo Doll FJH62


Mattel – Barbie – Holiday Fashion Pack Assortment GGG48


MATTEL FRH73 Barbie Ultimate Kitchen


Barbi Playset with Skipper Doll GHV87


Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Advent Calendar GJB72


Barbie Small Playset FXT20


Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll FXD88


Barbie Club Chelsea Mini Golf Doll and Playset FRL85


Barbie GMM98 Signature Mattel 75th Anniversary


Disney GGV30 Frozen Kristoff’s Sleigh